Salem has officially opened peeps!  All kinds of “boil, boil, toil and trouble” stuff to spook up your SL.  Start with this amazing cropped hooded jacket from Storybook … I looove how creeperly covering the hood is on the face….and the long sleeves over the hands… and the fact that you can so easily layer it over another top.  It fits perfectly over Schadenfreude’s Pentatank!  The landscaping is from the story collection by anc, which is in the gacha section right when you log in (and is cleverly called the gacha gallows for a good reason).  You have the month of October to get to to Salem, but make it over soon so you can get all decorated up for the spooky season ❤

Storybook – Enigma (199L) @ Salem till Oct 31st
Schadenfreude Pentatank  (200L) @ Salem
Just BECAUSE~Kaylah Jeans (tight) (199L) NEW!
{anc} story. / mushroom (M) poison 3Li (50L per play) @ Salem
{anc} story. / mushroom (M) pearl 3Li @ Salem
{anc} story. / mushroom (M) night 3Li @ Salem
{anc} story. /butterfly (down) magic 1Li @ Salem
{anc} story. / candle floor 2Li {yellow} @ Salem
-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {goth/night}1Li MESH
Del May – Never pose (50L)

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