Oops …

Time to find those friends that will help you hide the body…

Boudoir -Fairy Hair Coffee
Boudoir -Ghostly veil with bridal wreath (from the Dead Bride outfit)
Dead Dollz – Fiona Dress – Black (300L) @ Salem
*Never Wish* Coffin Skybox (250L) @ Salem
JIAN Raven Collection :: Perched 450L, comes with haunted tree and other ravens) @ Salem
Boudoir – Haunted Manor Crime Scene (250L)
Boudoir -Haunted Manor Divider with cobwebs (250L)
Boudoir -Haunted Manor Fireplace Mantle (250L)
Boudoir -Haunted Manor Chair 1 and 2 with cobwebs (250L)
Bauhaus Movement – Kynne Pose (50L)

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