Secret Santa Blogger Swap

So, the Blogger and Vlogger Network is having all kinds of fun holiday events during the season and one that I got involved with is their brand new Secret Santa Blogger Swap.  You’ve surely done the Secret Santa thing….you get the name of somebody and somebody gets your name.  Nobody tells who they got and everybody has a monetary limit on what to spend.  Then you have the fun of a party where everyone gets to open their Secret Santa presents.  Well, BVN put a little twist on the concept.  Bloggers and vloggers sign up to play and a few weeks later you get a name of another blogger.  Then you dedicate a blog, picture or vlog to your blogger.  How much fun is that!?

Anyway, I lucked out and got Lucie Bluebird!  You have no doubt heard the name in blogger/event circles, if you don’t in fact actually know her.  I’ve been blogging since 2013, but I remember Lucie even before that.  I was always a prolific blog reader and have followed Lucie’s for ages.  But just a blogger she is not!


Lucie (and her RL & SL husband Radagast) have run a photography studio, a shape and pose store and have two commercial sims.  She also does shopping guides for events, is a social media manager and a blogger manager for several prominent events and brands.  As a matter of fact, she just became the blogger manager for Just Because, whom I blog for, so I guess that makes Lucie my boss!  So now I should mention that I borrowed the above picture off of Lucie’s blog, Bluebird’s Song (please don’t be mad Lucie!).  Here’s what I love about Bluebird’s Song….it’s not just a picture and a list of credits.  There is always a narrative, a personal story, good pictures and good information…you can’t beat that.

Feel like you know her yet?  Nahhhhh…let’s get to the good stuff.  I dropped Lucie a note the other day with some questions and she was kind enough to answer ❤

1. Star Wars or Star Trek?    Star Trek 100%. I like Star Wars okay but I LOVE Star Trek!
2.Kindle or paperback book?     Kindle, but I miss books. It’s just easier to read on my Kindle.
3. Been to any SL Plays or musicals?     Never, believe it or not!
4. Live music or DJ?       DJ
5. Margarita or Pina Colada?          Ooh tough… pina colada
6. Landscape outdoors or decorate indoors?         I love both, but I’d lean towards indoors.
7. Hang with friends or hang on your platform?        I spend almost all of my time on my homestead sim but I have friends visit and sometimes go play games with friends. I’m a homebody overall!
8. Use Facebook or Twitter?         fb mostly
9. Explore unknown regions or stick to what you know?           I stick to what I know
10. If money was no object in SL, what would you do all day?              Shop, blog, decorate… so pretty much what I already do lol… just on a grander scale.
11. If you had a totally work free day in SL, what would you spend your time doing? Working lol! But probably decorating which I love anyway.
11. What has been your biggest challenge in SL?           I’m a slow blogger. I love blogging so much but I’ve always had to take my time with it. I can’t force it, if that makes sense.
12. SL family roleplay…or any SL roleplay?             I haven’t really done much RP at all. I’ve always wanted to RP at Mischief Managed (Harry Potter sim) but I’m so socially awkward I never have.
13. Whats your opinion on newbie guys who run around naked except for sneakers and a mismatched penis the size of a baseball bat asking if you want to have the sex?         They make for great photo ops. 😛

So there you have it peeps, truly one of the nicest people in SL who happens to be a blogger, manager and sim owner.  Check out Bluebird’s Song and Lucie’s Flick’r when you get a chance, you will be delighted  ❤

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