Window Dressing

The Bound Box had dropped, so if you were a subscriber you have yours and we can be twinsies!  If you forgot, go to the headquarters NOW and pick it up for only 2,000L.  That’s a little more than the pre-order price BUT you’re getting 12 quality designers and full fatpack huds….there’s truly no downside.  I have another picture for a couple other items from the box in post production as we speak and will put that post up within a half hour (ish) ❤

Also, thanks so very much to Darth for adding the window in front of my picture…and for the set up…and the lighting.  Seriously, now that I think of it, I just sat (laid?) there and looked good ❤

+Spellbound+ Nightcall for Bound Box
::Axix:: Tomoe Corset Black for Bound Box
::Axix:: Tomoe Ofuda Nipples covers for Bound Box
MODA – Isabella Ballet Boots for Bound Box
Belleza – Holly FLF makeup applier for Catwa in pale
CATWA HEAD Lona v3.0
Toro. Stacked Television {White Noise}
Toro. ENTER sign
+ILO+ Chapel Chair
+ILO+ Bible
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tatami
Cube Republic – Juniper Bonsai Tree Root Over Rock
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Electric Room
Del May – Coquettish #1 pose (50L)


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