I’m getting in the mood for Skin Fair (sqweeeees even though I’m not a sqweeeee-er) by playing with some skins and shapes!  I bought the Neve head when LAQ put it out in December for only 500L (for a limited time) and have worn it almost constantly, so I was redonkulously pleased when the Violet skin applier came out.  The vendor pic was taken on the Neve head and I fell in lurve when I saw it ❤

This picture is not edited (except for the sparkly bokah around the perimeter).  I took it on Black Dragon with the AnaLutetia avataropt2 whiter windlight and just played with the slider bars on the east angle to get the sunlight where I wanted it.  This is the default Violet skin applier in the 1.5 tone, no extra makeup and no options chosen from the LAQ HUD (although now that I think about it, freckles would look adorable on this skin).  I’m wearing the Neve head with the Neve/Violet shape that came with the applier and I couldn’t be happier with it ❤

Also on display is Wasabi’s new ‘do out at UBER right now.  The crowds are all at the Arcade, so you can probably get into Uber now and pick up Linda as well as White-Widows Unsane tattoo ❤

♡Wasabi // Linda Mesh Hair – Style 1 – A (250L) @ UBER till March 23rd
LAQ – Neve motion capture Bento head (5,000L)
LAQ – Violet skin applier in 1.5 tone (990L) (NEW!)
LAQ – Neve/Violet shape (NEW!)
♡White-Widow – Unsane tattoo in black (250L) @ UBER
Izzie’s – Winter Mesh Eyes

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