Amais for Skin Fair 2018

Skin Fair closes tomorrow night peeps!  Get over there and get some last minute shopping done ❤

Todays preview showcases the skins from amais.  There are 3 tones; ivory, medium and tan.  All have a light sprinkling of freckles to compliment the fresh face.  Along with the applier there is a shape made specifically for LAQ’s Scarlet head by Quenby and a brow shape.  I’m wearing the tones, the shape and the brows…all untouched ❤

I’m also wearing the smexy boyfriend shirt and lingerie from Aleutia that’s at that new event “Red Light District”.  The shirt can be worn without the bra for an even smexier look and comes in 12 colors ❤

The gorgeous earrings are from Heartsdale Jewellery.  Nino has a KittyCats auction every month and drops gifts to random peeps every 10 or 15 minutes.  I was lucky enough to have these dropped on me last Saturday as I was sitting there minding my own business and admiring the kitties on auction … and I loooove them!  They work perfectly with my new Swallow ears ❤

By the way, if you happen to pop any of these pictures up bigger by clicking on them, I know my eyes are wonky and too far back…I didn’t notice it until I was putting the pictures in and was holding to my no edit rule….AND was too lazy to go back inworld, fix them and retake the close ups…sue me.   Speaking of wonky…a little side note.  Last week sometime a blogger in the Blogger/Vlogger Network group asked how people edit their picture to make it crooked…like my full shot above.  There were lots of answers…specific ways to do it in ps or other editing software.  A few, like me, go old school and weren’t scared to say so.  I literally tilt my pose stand before I close in…like so:

This picture was taken in my cat house up on my platform and it’s amazing that a kitty didn’t wander into the picture.  All those pictures in the background were done by Nino Heartsdale for her auctions…she is so damned talented ❤

Also, I happened to catch Darth using the same method to take one of his pictures the other day up on the platform… he will no doubt be thrilled that I shared this!  (You’re welcome!)  Here’s his finished product on Flick’r…. amazing right!?  ❤

*eXxEsS : CAFE A (289L)
*LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Scarlet
*amais – Mailys ivory applier for LAQ @ Skin Fair 2018 till tomorrow night
*amais – Mailys – shape by Quenby for LAQ (Scarlet) @ Skin Fair 2018
*amais – Mailys – brow shape by Quenby @ Skin Fair 2018
Izzie’s – Winter Mesh Eyes
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears (totally mod w/ HUD) (489L) @ Kustom9
{Heartsdale Jewellery} Pearls & Pink Diamond Drop Earrings
*[Aleutia] Maddy (200L each) @ The Red Light District
Del May – Melancholic flower (arms and left leg modified) (50L)

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[Aleutia] Maddy

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