Everybody wants to be the Easter Bunny

“Be the bunny…be the bunny…be the bunny” chants the little puppy in her head as she tries to keep her happy tail from wagging and blowing her cover ❤

Sometimes ya just have to do the fun shots ❤

Fun decor for Easter can be found at Boudoir ❤

Adorable Easter Bunny recruit by MishMish can be found at UBER ❤

MishMish – Easter Chihuahua Companion / Cream (175L each) @ UBER till April 23rd
Boudoir Easter eggs piles (250L)
Boudoir Funny Easter eggs (250L)
Boudoir Easter rabbit statue
8f8 – Trouble Fence *** RARE
8f8 – Fancy Fence
Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Clover and Daisies

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