Bold and Bright

More goodies from The Liaison Collaborative, which just opened on the 3rd.  I gotta tell ya, it’s throwing me off that they changed their opening day from the 7th to the 3rd….but I like it and I’m getting used to it ❤

I’ve decided that I really like a lot of the new shapes coming out since the advent of bento.  One of those makers of shapes is wren’s nest and I was excited to see that they had a new shape for the LAQ Lulu head ….which is fast becoming my go to.  Aside from the quality of the shape itself, I really like that wren’s nest includes 3 different body shapes to go along with the head shape.  You know… knowwwwww…you see an adorable kick ass face, try on the demo and whereas the face may look good, the body shape sucks…or just isn’t to your liking….so it’s nice to have some choices in the box (so to speak).  The 3 choices are slightly curvy….aka bigger boobs and butt, thicker waist…which is what I have on up above.  There’s also proportional…which would be what I’d normally go for…smaller boobs and waist…butt a bit smaller…..and then there’s tall and slender….speaks for itself ❤

Here’s a closeup of the adorable face.  Remember, this shape is made for the LAQ Lulu head and it’s really important that you also wear the eyebrow shape that comes with….makes a world of difference ❤

Lulu close up

LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Lulu, default skin and makeup (5,000L)
{wren’s nest} Lulu shape for LAQ Lulu with eyebrow #1, slightly curvy shape (399L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till April 26th
FABIA- Mesh Hair < Lea>  (250L) @ TLC
Serenity Style- Duke Retro Headphones Pink  (70L per play) @ TLC
.::Nanika::. Holly Choker Pink (220L) @ TLC
Entice – Year Without Rain Dress (150L) @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement – Audrey Gloves / PINK-GOLD (199L) @ Blush till April 25th
Bauhaus Movement – Audrey Purse / PINK-GOLD Bento Pose (199L) @ Blush
Sway’s [Kalea] Chair . pattern / aqua (165L) @ TLC
LAGOM – Colorbomb Backdrops – [Sprinkles] #06 RARE (50L per play) @ TLC
[Black Bantam] Unlikely Friends Bear & Pup (55L per play) @ Kustom9 till April 10th
MishMish – Easter Chihuahua Companion / Cream (175L each) @ UBER till April 23rd

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