PrrrmBah 500


Pinky comes around the last turn and eyes the golden finish line.  She glances over … sees Blue neck and neck with her and thinks of the old Nascar saying “if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin”.  One quick stretch of the leg and yep … he’s a goner.  Aaaand Pinky wins! ❤

How super cute are these Prrrmbah kitties from Culprit!?  I’ve been a fan of the collection from the beginning.  When I put them down on my platform and turned them on they started racing all over the place…bumping into walls, me and each other.  Darth came up with the race idea, then spent several hours playing the Blackjack gacha to get the racing set and putting everything together while I was working on pinning some pics to Pinterest for Fantasy Faire…. so major props to him ❤

The goggles on Pinky and Red are from Fantasy Faire, the aviator helmet w/goggles on blue are Remarkable Oblivion and the helmets on pinky, red and green are Thor. ❤

*Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Yakuza (pink) (150L each) @ Bloom till April 30th
Loki Timerascal Brass Goggles – flip in The Bazaar Dungeon for Fantasy Faire ’18
..::THOR::.. Helmet A orange
*Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Siam (blue) @ Bloom
RO – Aviator Ace – Thunderbolt Brown – No Hair (Materials)
*Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Nekki (red) @ Bloom
Loki Timerascal Brass Goggles – Neck in The Bazaar Dungeon for Fantasy Faire ’18
..::THOR::.. Helmet A red
*Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Blackie (green) @ Bloom
..::THOR::.. Helmet White + Band

BJK * RACING * Finish Line (50L per play)
BJK * RACING * Exterior Curve
BJK * RACING * Racing Animated Flag
BJK * RACING * Hoarding Advertising
BJK * RACING * Traffic Lights
BJK * RACING * Tires for Straight Red and White
BJK * RACING * Guardrail
BJK * RACING * Tier Stand with sit posses
taikou / batting center building complex (RARE)

*blogger copy

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