There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness

There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness
Han Suyin

We Love Role-Play is still open for this round and has such whimsical cuteness (I’m looking at you hat).   The interesting tree stum and rocks are worth a look also ❤

The new summer dress is by Just Because and can be worn with or without the ruffle up top…think cute with the ruffle and sexy without.  If you pick up the fatpack you get 4 floral exclusives as a bonus!  Win Win ❤

As a side note…I really wanted little ducklings for the pic and remembered (or maybe Darth reminded me…same same) the baby goose by 8f8.  They are freaking adorable and make baby goose sounds….a lot of baby goose sounds.  That’s atmospheric and fun for the most part…until you’re trying to concentrate on a set and shot angle and such…and have 3 of the noisemakers out…then not so much…especially when you have had enough and there’s no shut the fuck up button.  So what have we learned?  Baby geese are cute and noisy and get the picture taken fast before you start looking in your inventory for a pea shooter.  The End.  ❤

*Just Because – Hera Dress (199L) – NEW Mainstore Release!
*Fantavatar & Moonstruck Oblivion * Fairy Hat & Hair (180L) @ We Love Role-Play till May 31st
*Mushilu – Stone&Tree spring complete (159L) @ We Love Role-Play
*Mushilu – Stone&Tree spring Rock simple @ We Love Role-Play
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2B
HPMD* Pendulum Clock
*Little Branch – Sunflowers
*8f8 – New Beginnings gacha- 19 Baby Goose
Animania Great Blue Heron Dark v1.0b

*blogger copy

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