Off with her head!

Alice in Wonderland is still open peeps…run over to Enchantment and get your Red Queen game on! ❤

StarGazer Iracebetha Hair (75L per play) @ Enchantment till May 31st
SG Iracebetha Collar – Red @ Enchantment
SG Iracebetha Bra – Red @ Enchantment
SG Iracebetha Sleeves – Red @ Enchantment
SG Iracebetha Corset – Red @ Enchantment
SG Iracebetha Bustle – Red @ Enchantment
SG Iracebetha Garter – Red @ Enchantment
SG Iracebetha Shoes – Red @ Enchantment
2.Yokai – Alice Potions – Queen, Off with her head! (red) (50L per play) @ Enchantment
Manik Queen – The Heartless Queen Omega makeup face & body applier from the MP! (150L)
Boudoir – Queen of Hearts Throne
Boudoir – Card Soldiers-Heart

One thought on “Off with her head!

  1. Love this, Roxi!!! I’ve really enjoyed the entire Alice in Wonderland theme at Enchantment this round. The build was fantastic and the creators/vendors all came up with unusual, fun, & creative products for it. Wonderful look and set! Now I want to go back and win that “Off with her head” drink & hair!!! ♥♥


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