Prrranda’s World Tour

You show us everything you’ve got
You keep on dancin’ and the room gets hot
You drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy
Rock and Roll All Nite  –  KISS

So maybe one of the most original creations to come out of this year’s Vintage Fair…and without a doubt the most fun…. is Culprit’s Prrranda’s.  These adorable scooting pandas are inspired by one of the most iconic rock and roll bands of the 70’s, KISS.  I promise you, they will not be collecting dust in your inventory…they will be scooting all over your floors; bumping into furniture, people and each other … all the while making you smile.  At only 2 land impact a piece, you can surely afford to collect all of them and throw your own rock concert ❤

Culprit partnered up with Pale Girl Productions this year to bring you Vintage Fair and created the buildings that you see at the event as well as the loveable Prrranda’s.  Do stop by and give it a wander, it’s well worth the time ❤

Vintage Fair Shopping Guide

Culprit Prrranda Paul (150L each) @ Vintage Fair 2018 till the 24th
Culprit Prrranda Gene @ Vintage Fair 2018
Culprit Prrranda Eric @ Vintage Fair 2018
Culprit Prrranda Tommy @ Vintage Fair 2018
[Black Bantam] I ❤ You Panda Heart Balloon Boy RARE
Fawny – Wonderful pandas – Decor 3
Fawny – Wonderful pandas – Decor 6
Fawny – Wonderful pandas – Decor 5
Fawny – Wonderful pandas – Decor 4
KITE – Panda Daycare – Hai
KITE – Panda Daycare – Boing
d-lab giraffe
Little Branch – Green Bamboo {Cluster}
[Con.] Guitar – White (thank you Darth♥)
[Con.] Guitar – Sunburst – RARE (thank you Darth♥)
NOMAD // Retrowave Guitar RARE (thank you Darth♥)
Wimey: Drums (thank you Darth♥)
KaTink – stage – Second Life Idol (200L)

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