LAQ’s Next Level Body Applier

LAQ has introduced their Next Level Body applier.  Smooth and silky and just sooooo luminescent.  There are appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega in all 9 skintones.  Like freckles…they got em…like squished boobs…got em.  Not into freckles? (crazy talk)  There’s a non freckle version!  There’s also a non “push up bra” boob version…but again…crazy talk.


and from the back:

So here’s the Applier HUD that comes with each skin tone.  As you can see it offers you the choice of boob and freckle type:

Each tone is 300L, if you want all 9 tones for say, Maitreya, it’s 1,500L (great if you like to switch it up!)

tram H0726 hair
LAQ Bento – Poppy 3.05 Head, Shape, brows and skin applier in 2.0 tone
LAQ Next Level Body Applier in 2.0 tone w/freckles
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
Aleutia – Georgia Bra and Panties (200L) @ The Red Light District till Sept. 8th
Manifeste Model 844 (100L)

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