The heart is much like a miraculous balloon

The heart is much like a miraculous balloon, it’s lightness comes from staying full.

Athena is LAQ’s newest bento head and skin applier out now at Uber.  As always in head and/or applier posts there is no editing going on on the face.  Full disclosure…..I have been playing around in Black Dragon with focus, which is why some of the balloons from Boudoir are out of focus… but other than that…no editing at all.  This is exactly what you get with the Athena head, shape, brows and skin applier.  I didn’t use the slidey thing on the HUD for the freckles, the skin comes with them ❤

The adorable flower balloons are from Boudoir.  They have static and hovering in the pack…so sprinkle a few about and they just bobble around like the happy balloons they are ❤

LAQ Bento – Athena 3.05 Bento Head (1,500L), shape, brows, and applier in 1.0 tone (990L) @ UBER till Sept. 22nd
Lamb. Gem Hair (300L) @ UBER
Just BECAUSE Penelope Jumpsuit (199L) @ UBER
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
Boudoir – Hovering Balloons

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