Dimples from LAQ!

Dimples and hairbases and liners…ohhh myyy!  Yeah, that doesn’t really sound right, but I’m going with it.  LAQ has created these and some epicanthic folds for the eyes.  The dimples though…they make me happy.  Not giant gouged dimples….just nice realistic dimples that you just want to touch.  I can’t wait to wear them with my freckles…I just didn’t for this because I didn’t want to distract from the dimples.  The lip liner comes in 3 shades, I’m wearing the lightest…cause that’s how I roll.  The swirly hairbase comes in black….and hopefully more shades soon.  You have a choice in the pattern of the hairbase.  The shaved hairbase…below…does come in 4 different shades.


If you check out the HUD’s below you can see that the folds and dimples come in different skin tones to blend in.  I actually tried them all on and could use my shade and the shade just lighter and just darker and it still looked good.  It wasn’t until I tried the really light shade or the really dark shade that you could see the color difference, so you shouldn’t have any trouble having these blend in beautifully.

And if your wondering…this is what the Poppy head (my second favorite head I think) looks like without all those extras…just factory fresh…so you can see the difference:


LAQ Bento ~ Poppy 3.05 Head (1,500L), shape, brows and applier in 1.5 tone (990L)
LAQ ~ Black Hairbase (250L) ~ NEW!
LAQ ~ Dimples (190L) ~ NEW!
LAQ ~ Epicanthic fold (190L) ~ NEW!
LAQ ~ Lip Liner (190L) ~ NEW!
LAQ ~ Shaved Head base (250L) ~ NEW!
Cazimi – RealEyez – Pumpkin Spice (175L, 3 shades, w/wo reflection)
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Urban Dreams Earrings (299L, comes with necklace)@ Swank till Sept. 30th


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