Gentlemen, hoist the colors!

Who doesn’t love kick-ass chick stuff right!?  There’s a couple of things over at We Love Role-Play perfect for pirate/steampunk/sci-fi fun.  The smexy dress set from Silvan Moon Designs comes in 7 colors (pink!) and includes the dress, tricorn, leggings, and boots.  The gloves…do you not looove the gloves….are from Wicca’s Wardrobe and have a hud to change up all the pieces and parts with 6 different colors and 4 metal tones, so you can totally mix and match your look!

Also, big news!!  Argrace is back!  The team took a few months off and did a total redo of their store and have debuted it and 3 new hairdo’s.  Other newness includes a new gift system, new textures AND some new colors….including…..hold me back…..pastels!!!!!  And the ombres….soooo gorgeous!  I have always hel that Argrace had some of the best texturing quality around and it’s only better now.  You can also see on the HUDs below that you can adjust your hair according to your boobosity.  I’m wearing kitsuno, a long banged ‘do that comes with 4 styles to choose from.  I can’t tell you how happy these bangs make me…and with the dimples and bubblegum…..yup.

So about the new store…it’s gorgeous…and it’s cleaned out.  There are only the 3 new hair’s there.  All the old hair is gone…just room to grow.  The older hair is also not on the Marketplace, which is a new page…but maybe they plan on adding them.  I will ask and get back on that.  Each new set, like the 24 shades of blondes, are 300L.  If you want the fatpack (essentially 168 shades) it’s 1,000L.


*ARGRACE* KITSUNO [B] (300L) – NEW!!!!
LAQ Bento – Poppy 3.05
LAQ ~ Real Bubblegum
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Verona Collection Necklace @ SOS till Sept. 30th
Silvan Moon Designs – Buccaneer Celeste Dress Set-Dress (338L) @ We Love Role-Play till sept. 30th
Silvan Moon Designs – Buccaneer Celeste Dress Set-Tricorn Hat @ We Love Role-Play
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Paxton Gloves (399L) @ We Love Role-Play

Pose – my own concoction

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