Fishin’ at the Hair Fair

Okay, so you know Hair Fair is open right?  I’ve been incapacitated with a dayamn sinus infection the last 2-ish days and haven’t been able to do much more than wimper, mush less sit at the computer and soak it all in.  I love love love Hair Fair every year.  I love getting the demo’s (you DID join the demo group right!?).  I spend hours just sitting on my platform and trying them all on … like so:  (In order from left to right)  Exile’s Intensity, Sinktiklia’s Clover and BMS’s BMGH 18 … all of which I will be going back to buy ❤


Also….yup…the free gifts!  Lots of designers put out free gifts that you can just pick up … no group necessary … win win!  Here are a few that are totally keepers ❤

Again from left to right: Mina’s Lily, Tameless’ Lana and Ade’s Issa

The Hair I have on in the top picture is Vanity Hair’s Goldfinger….a 1L gift that comes with the full must have HUD!

You may have noticed the adorable bunny in my lap…his name is Here Fishy (look at the cute little fishing pole and fishy!!) and you can find him and his siblings in one of the bandana booths that are located on each sim.  Each bandana goes for a 50L donation and the Hare’s (get it…Hair Fair Hare!!) go for a 100L donation…100% of all proceeds from these booths go to Wigs for Kids…so go get a few bandanas AND a few hares (you can get matching bandanas!).

So here’s the Hair Fair 2018 website , scroll through for nearly direct LM’s, a map AND some (not all) vendor pics ❤


Vanity Hair: Goldfinger -Must Haves 1L GIFT @ Hair Fair 2018 till Oct. 7th
Hair Fair Hare 2018 – Here Fishy – Blonde Hare (100L donation) – at any Bandana Booth
LAQ Bento – Poppy 3.05 Head, shape and applier in 1.5 tone
LAQ Dimples and lip liner – NEW
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Verona Collection Ring @ Swank till Sept. 30th
Blueberry – Sera mini dress and sweater in beige
{anc} autumn leaves (sunlight)  @ Kustom9 till October 10th


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