Bringing up Baby

Both Salem and The Liaison Collaborative have perfect items out for the perfect Halloween season.  My favorite so far from Salem has to be this adorable vampire baby from Black Bantam (he/she’s a gacha so look by the gallows).  The sweet bat-winged baby comes with full wings or bony wings and in different shades (the baby’s skin that is) and a hold/animation pose (also a wider hold pose if you need it).  ❤

So as I’m setting up and standing there holding the baby Darth popped in and instantly wanted to contribute ideas and props.  He suggested having Jarath put on his Batman suit and call the pic “What happens in the Bat Cave stays in the Bat Cave”.  Nope.  Then he rezzed in some derelict guy with a scary bat and put him right behind me as I was taking pics and going “bat man…get it…get it?!”  Nope.  Or how about this one:  “You stand there holding the baby in a doorway with Frankenstein and the milkman is delivering the milk….and he’s a vampire (!) and Frankenstein is going “Wait a minute!!”  Nope.  Jarath just wanted to add a goat.  Bless his heart. Nope. ❤

I went with Bringing up Baby because in college I had to watch the movie with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  (Yes, that was actually a literature class for credit called “American Film as Literary Art”)  The movie is what they called a screwball comedy and was about a leopard named Baby that Katherine is kitty sitting.  As much as I was not interested in seeing it…I really really liked it and the idea of raising something totally different from oneself. ❤

Les Sucreries de Fairy* Samantha * purple dress & hat (75L per play) @ The Liaison Collaborative till Oct. 26th
[Black Bantam] Vampire Bat Baby 03 @ Salem till Oct. 31st
DaD “Dead Halloween Tree” (380L) @ Salem
.Florix. Bat tempest – Brown 03 (187L) @ Salem

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