Lots of fun Halloween stuffs at the popup Arcade ❤

So, first things first.  I saw the vendor ads for Black Bantams Baby Penny and went “NOPE”.  I’m not a fan of IT (I can’t handle seeing kids die in novels, movies…whatever medium…and hope I don’t spoil anything for you but dayam, Stephen King loooves to kill off kids) nor am I a fan of scary clowns (totally cool with happy clowns) or scary children (so yeah, no Children of the Corn here)…so this little Penny chick definitely struck up the NOPE in me.  Darth, on the other hand, looooved her.  I had written her out of my short term memory until the other day when the new popup Arcade opened.  I, of course, did not go to the Arcade….I went to Seraphim’s Yard Sale (my go to for Arcade commons) and wandered the aisles looking for spooky things I could not live without.  When I saw the screaming Mutresse ghost I fell in love.  He looked scared….really scared.  What would scare a ghost?  That freakish child clown that’s what!  So yeah..I decided I needed the freak for a funny shot…especially when I saw the Nope cats….cause  Bride of Nope just cracked me up and the look on their faces says it all.  NOPE  ❤

Huge props to Darth who braved the pits of hellish lag to get into the Arcade and play for some of the things on our lists that weren’t at the yardsale.  I kept telling him that I didn’t need to do the picture right away and was fine waiting for peeps to put the stuff in the yardsale, but he powered on.  It took him as long to write out the numerous notecards to creators and attach proof of the plethura of failed deliveries as it did for him to A) get in and B) stand there and wait forever for the lag to let him play the machines.  He did get a good number of rares, so I guess it’s worth it to him ❤

[Black Bantam] Baby Penny 01 Blood RARE (75L per play) @ The Arcade
Mutresse-Screaming-Silly Ghosts (50L per play) @ The Arcade
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Witchy Nope (50L per play) @ The Arcade
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Frankenope @ The Arcade
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Bride of Nope @ The Arcade
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Nopeicorn @ The Arcade
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Count Nopecula @ The Arcade
D-LAB Monsters Kitchen 01 RARE (50L per play) @ The Arcade
D-LAB Monsters Kitchen 02 Monster Head @ The Arcade
D-LAB Monsters Kitchen 11 Crow @ The Arcade
D-LAB Monsters Kitchen 04 Witch’s pot @ The Arcade
D-LAB Monsters Kitchen 03 Weathercock @ The Arcade
D-LAB Monster toilet 02 from last weeks FLF
D-LAB Monster toilet 01 from last weeks FLF
Little Branch_Gnome Tree {Mesh}
Little Branch_Wild Grass*1Li {Dry} *Animated

The broom that the kitty’s riding on is just a broom from the depths of my inventory ❤

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