The Family Portrait

So, just for fun, we ghouled up to take a family portrait ❤

That’s Jarath on the left…looking freakishly gleeful…perhaps he doesn’t get out of the basement much.  I’m the classy one in the middle and Darth is the asshole (obviously) with delusions of Edward Scissorhands on the right….and isn’t he looking somewhat less gleeful!? ❤

The sphinx kitties from Black Bantam are perfect for this family right!?!?

Props to Darth for spending a ton of time to get everyone dressed in character.  He actually spent a day logging onto both me and Jarath to get us photo ready.  Also, props to Duchess Flux for letting us use her fabulous setup on her Ippos sim….muaaaaah!

[Black Bantam] Sphynx Kitten Pose 01 Color 02 (75L per play) @ Arcade
[Black Bantam] Sphynx Kitten Pose 04 Color 01 @ Arcade
[Black Bantam] Sphynx Kitten Pose 02 Color 02 @ Arcade

Worn on Roxi:
Hotdog – NH 4 . peach
little bones – Icon Cosplay Bright Wife (50L per play) @ Arcade
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Diva Darling Cocktail Earrings
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Diva Darling Cocktail Collar
Conviction – The Claws – Bruja @ Salem
PIXEL BOX – Gothic Dress Lady Crow MAITREYA

Worn on Jarath:
Hotdog – NH 2 . pale
[Deadwool] Bowler hat – bloody
Hotdog – Slim double breasted jacket
David Heather-Havana Trousers

Worn on Darth:
Hotdog – NH 1 . pale
Action Inkubator Hair Louis
[Deadwool] Undercut hair
[Deadwool] Full beard.Mustache
ContraptioN] The Victorian Optician’s Collection
Remarkable Oblivion – Scissorhands
Hotdog – Napoleonic waistcoat
David Heather-Havana Trousers/Black



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