Pick your own pumpkins

Not much is cuter than a baby in a pumpkin costume… me in a pumpkin onesie is close…very close….but not quite. ❤

From now until midnight Sunday 28th October, Culprits brand new Sphynxie Halloween items are on sale. After the 28th prices will go up to the usual price …. go go GO! ❤

{Sakura} Kigurumi – Gianni – Pumpkin (50L per play) @ Epiphany till Nov. 12th
LAQ Bento – Poppy 3.05 head, shape and skin applier in 1.5
[Black Bantam] My Pumpkin Punkin Baby Boy 01 (70L per play) @ Kustom9 till Nov. 10th
Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Batty Black (100L)
Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Batty Zombi (100L)
Boudoir – Pumpkin Sofa Gacha (50L per play)
Boudoir – Halloween Paper Doll 3 Gacha
Boudoir – Halloween Paper Doll 4 Gacha
Boudoir – Pumpkin Pile 1 Gacha
Boudoir – Pumpkin Pile 2 Gacha
Boudoir – Pumpkin signs Gacha
Boudoir – Halloween Tiles Platform

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