Bound Finale

You have until midnight to grab the very last Bound Box subscription!  This is the swan song for the box….no more after this 😦

The last box drops @ 12:00am on the 12th……or 11:59 and a minute on the 11th.  The subscription is still $1500L till then but if you wait until tomorrow (don’t, but by the way…that’s my birthday) the price will be $2000L for 24 hours only.  Check out the links below for locations to subscribe, participating designers this round and the shopping catalog ❤

Bound Box HQ

Bound Box on Marketplace

Bound Catalog

Bound Adult  Flick’r group

Now, for the Argrace hair.  As you know, Argrace redid their store and retired all of their old hairs….but…..and it’s a big but.  They are reviving and updating their more popular ‘do’s!  The new wet hairs (Natsume and Chizuru) have been upgraded with new textures, new design, with more added new styles and new water drop effect (glow/bright).  They work for both men and women. Already had the old Natsume and/or Chizuru?  There’s an Upgrade Cash Back Promotion for a limited time! Get a refund of 150L$ (50%) if you have the old version of CHIZURU or NATSUME during the limited period (November 3rd, 2018 to February 28th, 2019).  This is a mainstore promotion only!  It doesn’t count if you buy as a gift or on the MP.  Just go to the store and click the panel next to the vendor. You can confirm whether or not you can get cash back. Check out the website if I didn’t explain it well 🙂 (kind of a joke, I copy/pasted the info) ❤


How to get cash back

①Buy the CHIZURU_II or NATSUME_II for L$300

②System will give you refund L$150 automatically if you’re eligible for upgrade.

Argrace Natsume II Hair
LAQ – Bento Lulu 3.05 head, Amelia applier
Salt & Pepper – Anais corset and panties for Bound Box
Mosquito’s Way – Britney Shoes for Bound Box
{anc} Looking-glass. {magic mirror} ABYSS 6Li RARE
Corpus – Against the Wall pose


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