If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you – Fred Devito

So, stepping out of my comfort zone and shaking it up a bit.  I know a lot of bloggers have malts…I actually have 2 now I guess.  I mostly suck at styling a guy, when I would in the past, I’d get Darth to do it for me…but I don’t have that luxury anymore…a story for another day.  ExMachina has this full body (w/head) out at Enchantment’s Brothers Grimm event right now.  I figured…what the hell…if I fuck it up that badly the picture will never get taken and nobody will be the wiser…except for Jarath, who popped in while I was applying the tatt and was more than a bit confused.  I am not an astute male shopper (cause duh) and am only familiar with brands/styles that Darth would wear and talk about, so I didn’t know that ExMachina had a body, but apparently I’m in the minority.  I easily found the omega applier hud for it on the MP so the Queen of Ink tatt went on like a charm.  The kilt from Arcadia and mantle from wzero (both at we Love Role-Play) fit perfectly.  The HUD was easy to figure out and there are tons of options…easy squeezy man peasy.  There are a couple different skin appliers for Davide (from ExMachina) at the event, but I honestly liked this default best.  You can pick up a free hairbase at the booth also.  He’s not hard to look at … maybe a little too pretty for me, I may have to rough him up a bit and age him some ❤

I have Agrace’s newly updated wet hair on, it comes with male/female versions when you pick it up at the store. Remember that if you already have the older version of Chizuro, you can get 50% off when you upgrade (which gives you more colors in the hud and more options for the water droplets, style and such) ❤

*ARGRACE* CHIZURU_II / men [A] – Updated! (300L)
EXMACHINA DAVIDE AVATAR 5.00 (3,000L) @ Enchantment’s Brothers Grimm till Nov. 30th
Queen of Ink – Real Story Tattoo (280L) @ Enchantment’s Brothers Grimm
The Half Moon Market – Lady Bluebeard’s Trophy – Bronze Bloody (149L) @ Enchantment’s Brothers Grimm
-00-(w zero) Emperor mantle, black, arm locked (240L) @ We Love Role-Play till Nov. 30th
.Arcadia. Nicos Pteruges Kilt (David) Noir (325L) @ We Love Role-Play
[KROVA] UNITY Chopper Sheath (150L) @ We Love Role-Play
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2B
Del May – Standstill Pose (50L)

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