AXIX has an adorable skin out at The Arcade this round.  Hinako was mainly designed to be used with CATWA mesh heads but you can use her with any mesh head/body you want by using omega system appliers.  I’m wearing LAQ’s Lulu head and the skin just popped beautifully.  I just had to put my Omega HUD for Maitreya on for the body applier to pop on and I was in business.  There’s a shape that comes with the rare, but since I had the LAQ head on and not my Catwa, it looked funny….and not haha funny.  Ever do that?  Put a shape on that’s meant for another mesh head….not pretty…kinda squishy.  Anyway, the brow shape worked well and the applier went on like a dream.  There are 2 tones, milky and mocha, so yeah, I went with milky.  For each tone there are 9 different “makeups”.  The rare is the clean version…very very pretty.  I took shots of the milky toned makeups …you can guess correctly that the mocha’s are just darker.  I’m wearing the #1 milky applier in the main pic above.  These are raw shots, no editing (except for cropping).


[NYNE] Milly Hair w/hat (187L) @ We Love Role-Play  till Dec. 30th
Seydr – Holomas Nails for Maitreya or Omega (113L) @ We Love Role-Play
AXIX – Hinako skin applier w/ brow (75L per play) @ The Arcade
LAQ Bento – Lulu 3.05 head and shape, LAQ mesh eyes
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
Just BECAUSE Yule Sweater



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