The choosing of the tree

Sometimes holidays are so tough.  I was looking for something from wayyy back in my Flick’r and I came across a Christmas photo we did in 2015 with this Rockwell truck.  Darth was on a Rockwell kick, attempting to recreate some of the Saturday Evening Post pictures and this truck was a limited time only special.  I bought it for him for Christmas and we took this pic below.

As soon as I saw the picture I began to bawl like a baby.  Darth passed away a bit over a month ago and it’s still raw.  We’ve had 7 Christmases together…this will be the first apart.  I haven’t been ready to accept it…I’m still in that what the fuck phase.  I don’t have my words yet to talk about it, but maybe soon.

In the meantime, Jarath and I take baby steps to move forward and adjust to life without…just…without.

And so I need to find a reason to smile.  See the sign on the side of the truck in the older pic?  The Fo’ Shizzle & Family sign.  When Caleb was like 5 and Frannie was 4 we took them to DisneyWorld for their first time during the Christmas season.  We figured it would be easier to rent a double stroller every day and it was a lifesaver.  Well, when you go to rent one they give you this 5X7 card to write your name really big and you put it on the back of the stroller….so you can identify it among the 12 million identical strollers that are parked out front of the Little Mermaid ride.  As is the case with lots of families, we all have different last names, so my oldest daughter, Becca, decided we would have an alias everyday…something no one else would have.  The first day we were the Fo’Shizzle family.  I cannot begin to tell you how funny that rental guy looked when he saw what was on our card, but he was too polite to ask.  The next day we were the D’Bombs.  Frannie was walking away from us when I was filling the card out and Becca yelled “Frances D’Bomb, you get back here right now!”  Priceless ❤

LAQ – Bento Head Noelle & shape (1,500L) and applier (990L) in 1.0 tone – NEW!
Caboodle – Holiday Hat
Just BECAUSE Pricilla Top (199L)@ FaMESHed till Dec. 27th
Just BECAUSE Roberta Skirt (199L)@ FaMESHed
Just BECAUSE Tish Boots
Hotdog – Morbid Manteaux . Dalmatian (263L for the animal print set) @ The Men’s Dept. till Dec. 30th

Catwa – Victor Head
Gabriel – Knit Duffel Coat
Action Inkubator Hair – Ryder

Pro Street Cars – Rockwell 1.8 (sorry, don’t think the truck’s available anymore 😦 )
JIAN Reindeer Collection @ UBER till Dec. 22nd
floorplan. wood road sign / tree farm
(Milk Motion) snow pine – 3 w/ grass (animated) @ UBER
(Milk Motion) snow landscape 128*128 – 1
Botanical – Dirt Road Long Curve

Roxi’s Pose – Del May Really? Pose (50L)
Jarath’s Pose – Animosity – Lance Pose w/Pine Tree Prop (265L for the set including props) @ Access till Jan. 7th


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