Day 5 of my Winter break.  I’m back to working on my “jammies all day” goal.  I host our Christmas Eve tradition of having a Teddy Bear Tea at my house and declared the dress code to be jammies (an unusually brilliant decision on my part).  I was feeling quite clever about that until I scrolled through my rl FB and saw every damned body taking family pics in matching jammies … and the red plaid look seemed to be the jammie of choice.  Bet they had bra’s on though.  Not us baby…. on Monday we were all in whatever jammies we preferred (kids involved, so no ho ho ho looks if you know what I mean) and comfort was the goal.  No shoes allowed either…fuzzy socks or slippers…we’re a class act.  I did have to get dressed in actual clothing yesterday to go do Christmas with all the extended family, but the food and company were worth it. ❤

If you’ve been to Notice Me Santapai and checked out the Samus outfit by Bauhaus Movement you will know what I mean by the Ho Ho Ho look.  Normally known as the ho look, during the holidays it takes on a few more ho’s for a festive feel and Bauhaus nailed it.  I can’t even lie and say it’s demure.  It does cover the mature-rated parts (take that Flick’r!) … barely.  I have to tell ya, the coat is my favorite part…super cute and it works really well with other dresses and such with spaghetti straps (or strapless).  The outfit comes in black, red and green.  I figured everyone would be doing red and blacks not my thing normally …. so green it is. ❤

On a totally nonrelated side note and smack in the middle of the post, I thought I’d slip in a cute ho ho ho pic Jarath, Darth and I did years ago, 2013 actually.  Before mesh bodies, heads and clothing….nothing but system here peeps (well, to be honest, Darth and I had the new Slink hands and feet and we thought we were the bomb!).  As I was taking a picture with 2 ridiculously juvenile males, it took quite a bit of time and made for hilarious outtakes.  If anyone wants to check out the original post, here it is. Be warned though, It’s all system stuff (although I guess the socks may still work) and I had only been blogging a few months and hadn’t yet figured out how to put links, so you’re on your own there. ❤

Black Bantam just released a new reindeer outfit out for the previously known “Love Pup”.  You can find these cuties with their outfits for 55L per play, NO RARES, @ Ch4.  (Stasey fixed the hold scripts inside of these puppies, so if you played this gacha before the update, just contact her (Stasey Oller)to trade your puppies for a fixed/updated hold) ❤

Lastly….Linden Labs Shop and Hop.  Crazy.  5 sims full of great sales (and some gifts) from awesome designers….no directory to tell you who’s on what or where.  They didn’t list the event on Seraphim (which as you know, is the holy bible of event window shopping) and the only thing on the Second Life website are the 5 LM’s, one for each sim.  You’re on your own in a sea of lag and no map to help you navigate.  I’m not saying it’s not worth the adventure, you just need time.  I went (along with 5 million other chicks) to pick up the gift from Blueberry and got sucked into (at least) 4 hours of aimless wandering and “Holy Crap I have to have that” spending.  I picked up some great stuff, including these freaking adorable socks and lights from Moon Amore…. for just 150L!  Second best part?  People watching.  Not gonna lie, there were more than a few “whaaaaa?!?!” moments.  Good times ❤

[monso] My Hair – Evelynn (188L) @ Collabor88 till Jan. 6th
LAQ Bento Lulu head & shape, Poppy skin applier in 0.5 tone
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
Bauhaus Movement – Samus Coat / GREEN (249L per color set) @ Notice Me Santapai till Dec. 31st
Bauhaus Movement – Samus Bra / GREEN
Bauhaus Movement – Samus Panties / GREEN
Bauhaus Movement – Samus Hat / GREEN
:Moon amore: Falalala Socks and Lights (Colors) (150L) @ Shop and Hop (Tinseled sim) till Jan. 4th
[Black Bantam] Red Nose Reindeer Pup (55L per play, NO RARES!) @ Chapter Four till the end of the month
[Black Bantam] Reindeer Pup Green
[Black Bantam] Reindeer Pup Antlers Only
[Black Bantam] Reindeer Pup Blue
[Black Bantam] Reindeer Pup Brown
(Milk Motion) snow pines – 2 w/grass (animated)
Del May Seek pose, modified with the holding pose that comes with the pups


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