Happy New Year 2019!

Still day 10 of winter break.  It’s New Year’s Eve, not quite 10pm, and all my neighbors must have bought out the fireworks stands.  It’s a bit crazy, but it’s illegal to sell fireworks in this parish (I’m in Louisiana where everything is different) and the surrounding ones….so you have to go 45 minutes out to get to a fireworks stand to buy them.  It’s also illegal to set them off…but that doesn’t phase anyone.  You have to be responsible for injuring someone or burning a house down to get in trouble it seems.  It’s been sounding like a war zone all evening and it’s just getting louder as I get closer to midnight…. in my jammies…..cause who are we kidding.  I’ve done the glam thing out on the town while passing around a champagne bottle (for years) ….some of those nights were so epic I don’t remember them…just hear the stories.  I’m over all that.  I AM that meme with the cat or the dog in a robe on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn watching the celebrations on TV.  My happy place ❤

Also, The Liaison Collaborative is opening on the 3rd….get ready for a designers choice round!! ❤

Happy New Year!!! ❤

LAQ Bento Lulu 3.05 Head & shape (1,500L), Poppy skin applier in 1.0 (990L)
NO.MATCH_NO.STAND. coming to The Liaison Collaborative Jan. 3rd
Les Sucreries de Fairy* Clara * Pink Cat Sweater coming to The Liaison Collaborative
Les Sucreries de Fairy* Clara * Pink Hat coming to The Liaison Collaborative
Les Sucreries de Fairy* Clara * Pink Pocket Legwarmers coming to The Liaison Collaborative

FATEwear onesie – Bugsy – ocean (300L on the MarketPlace)
FATEwear scarf – Harry – Tundra (250L on the MarketPlace)
FATEwear gloves – Dexter – Tundra (300L on the MarketPlace)

{NANTRA} To the New Year 2019 Pose and Prop (REZ & SIT) coming to The Liaison Collaborative

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