Cuz I can

Day 15 of the too short winter break.  Break is almost over but what the hell….winter isn’t!?  *sighs and goes back to searching for the favorite fuzzy socks to put on before making the coffee*  It’s Jan. 6th, otherwise known as All Kings Day or 3 Kings Day.  Here in New Orleans, it’s known as KING CAKE DAY….and yes…all caps.  Down here we take our tree down, pack up the decorations and dive into the first king cake of the season.   We take our king cakes seriously here, so this morning it’s going to be coffee and strawberry filled king cake.  I really really wanted the cream cheese/strawberry filled, but I am sooo majorly lactose intolerant now that even the smell of dairy makes me sick (not really, but it feels that way…and only since this past summer…whats up with that!?!?)  Most people here who have made the New Years resolution to eat better take king cake season (preceding Mardi Gras season) into account and adjust their calories/fat/sugar elsewhere or find lower fat/sugar/gluten free/dairy free/whatever free cakes (they’re everywhere), cause going without is just crazy talk. ❤

In SL it’s the beginning of the month and you know what that means……opening day for a good number of events!  Also, I didn’t mention it a couple of weeks ago when it came out, but LAQ has a new skin.  Joline comes clean with the exception of a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of the nose, I used the sliders on the shiny new 3.06 HUD (hit up the redelivery kiosk) to pop on some lipstick AND lipgloss (multiple layers!) and some eyeshadow.  ❤

[monso] My Hair – Hina (245L) @ FaMESHed till Jan. 27th
LAQ Bento – Lulu 3.05 head and shape (1,500L)
LAQ – Joline skin applier in 1.0 tone (990L)
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Milano Set Necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings @ Swank (opens Jan. 7th till the 31st)
ZK – Soffy Dress (268L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till Jan. 26th
NANTRA – Cuz I can Pose #1 (250L for the set of 6 w/mirrors) @ The Liaison Collaborative

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