It’s always daunting doing a closeup, especially when the goal is no editing, but I always figure if the product is good enough…then it’s good enough.  That makes sense right?  So I’m zoomed in extremely close adjusting my eyes (things you never hear in RL but can sooo relate to here) and I was admiring the delicate lines around said eyes on my skin applier.  I usually go for a clean look, very little makeup, unless there’s a reason for more.  This is the Noelle applier that came out in Dec. at LAQ and it is a vision of beauty without a drop of makeup.  I did, however, push the slider bar a tiny bit on the brown eyeshadow and opted for a little bit of mascara on the LAQ HUD.  I also go for nude lips, but ND/MD has some frosted lipstick coming to the Sense event in a few days and I looove the copper tone, so the lips got dressed today.  The lipstick is made for the Genus head (of which I do not have) but also has an Omega applier…. and guess what…you can use an Omega Applier on all LAQ heads!  I’m also not wearing a hair base….don’t have to with Stealthic hair…at least not this one.  Desire has those adorable little baby hairs attached so it looks amazingly natural. ❤

I feel the need to point out that I didn’t edit this picture, just used the focus thingie when I took it to slightly blur/soften the edges… AND I took this shot on high, NOT ultra.  Ultra made the lighting too sharp…too much of a contrast and I was looking for soft.  The hair really does look that good, no weird spots, but you’d know that if you’ve ever seen a Stealthic hair….just unbelievably soft textures.  The skin is that smooth and natural looking and the lipstick is that color and works fine on a LAQ head … there is a tiny indentation on the bottom lip to the right.  See how it kinda curves up a bit?  You have to zoom in the really see it, but I like it.  I like that it looks natural…like a normal chick on a normal day.  We can’t all look like a perfectly coiffed Kardashian ya know. ❤

By the way, and totally off topic…I’m a born and bred New Orleanian.  Drew Brees has been one of my heroes (right up there with Mickey Mouse, Thor, and Harry Potter) since he came here…even when he’s not winning…but he is right now…bammmmmmm!  We’re in the playoffs this Sunday and my city is going insane.  It’s Wednesday and peeps are already starting to get good tailgating spots!  Fingers and toes crossed that we wind up in Atlanta for the Super Bowl….Who Dat!! ❤

Stealthic – Desire hair (300L) @ Salon 52 till Feb. 4th
LAQ Bento – Lulu 3.05
LAQ Noelle skin applier in 1.0 tone
ND/MD – Joy frosted lipstick in copper for Omega & Genus heads coming to The Sense Event Jan 18th – Feb. 8th
Izzie’s – Winter Mesh Eyes
Heartsdale Jewellery- Milano necklace @ Swank till Jan. 31st 
Blueberry – Alma – Ruffled Top

Le Poppycock Breathing Space pose @ The Pose Fair till Jan. 31st

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