Courage is found in unlikely places

Courage is found in unlikely places
J.R.R Tolkien

Enchantment presents Lord of the Rings ❤

LAQ Bento – Lulu 3.05 Head & shape, Poppy Skin applier in 0.2 tone
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
[Seydr] An Unexpected Journey: Thandruil Eyes @ Enchantment till March 4th
Rainbow Sundae Elvish tattoo (face) (75L) @ Enchantment
Redfish – Lord Tattoo (body) (225L) @ Enchantment
=DeLa*= Bento Mesh Hair “Legolas” (250L) @ Enchantment
Albion & Accolade – Arwen’s Circlet and Necklace (250L) @ Enchantment
Entice – Lothlorien Bra, panties and Skirt @ Enchantment
Le Poppycock *Forboden Realms* Elf-Kindred (Wolf) (69L per play) @ Enchantment
l ROOTS l Elanor Flowers, Star-silver (399L) @ Enchantment


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