Sneak Peek!! Belleza and CATWA for Skin Fair 2019

Okay, so on the 8th Skin Fair 2019 opens to the SL world.  It’s one of my favorites…right up there with the Hair Fair and the Fantasy Faire.  I can’t express to you how much I loooove sitting up on my platform opening demo boxes and trying on everything…and I do mean everything…cause you never know!  The Skin Fair has something for everyone…women, men, kids….and will offer everything you need…body parts, skins, shapes, tatts, makeup…. you name it, they got it (probably…I’m not throwing the gauntlet down on that).  ❤

So I am blessed to blog for Pale Girl Productions, the producers of Skin Fair, and it is my job to showcase as much of the skin (and other thingies) as possible.  Not all of it mind you cause A. there are 170-ish designers and not quite 3 weeks to the Fair…do that math…. and B. not all the designers send their stuff out to the blogging group.  I’ll do my best though ❤

My 1st sneak peek is for Belleza’s newest skin, Evelyn, and CATWA’s newest head, Jade.  The pic above is not edited, in fact, none of them are.  The main pic (above) was taken with Annan Adored Optimal Skin windlight, on Ultra and I was using the face light that comes with the CATWA head.  The only thing I did other than add my name was to tone down the background….it was pretty bright (as you can see in the pics below). ❤

On all the following pictures, to see all the tones, I left Ultra for the lower high graphic setting, cause honestly, you never run around SL on Ultra (except maybe the 1st week after you get a new computer).  The lower graphics messed with the hair a bit and made it clip slightly.  I also went to a straight up editing pose, which didn’t work great for the hair either (but these aren’t about the hair).  So you know when you buy a CATWA mesh head it comes with a default skin (from The Skinnery, you can get matching body appliers at CATWA), a shape, brow shape, hair base, eyes, teeth, ears..the whole shebang.  The 1st picture below is what you get right out the box.  CATWA all the way. You’d definitely want to get a hairbase that works with this particular hair though ❤

These next shots are Belleza driven.  I put on the Evelyn shape and brows that came with the skin as well as using a different hairbase (Izzie’s).  Evelyn comes in all 7 skin tones and includes matching skin base, shape, brow shape, matching Omega body applier and 5 brow options.  I put the tones on the pics so it’s easier to see ❤

I wore Iconic’s Letoya hair from The Liaison Collaborative and used the brown HUD (YES, those reds came from the brown HUD!!) and Nanika’s Spring necklace (also from TLC).  The smexy top is Just Because and is available at Uber right now.  The back is as cute as the front too!  Look:

Tired of scrolling? Me too!!  Until next time…….

CATWA HEAD Jade v3.3 (w/ CATWA eyes) coming to Skin Fair 2019 March 8th
Belleza Evelyn Skin applier, shape and brows (medium, w/lipstick) coming to Skin Fair 2019 (DEMO is @ mainstore!)
Izzie’s Baby Hairs hairbase
^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears
.ICONIC Letoya Hair (main pic uses the blonde hud) (349L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till March 26th
NANIKA – Spring Choker (220L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Just BECAUSE Darla Top (199L) @ UBER till March 22nd
Manifest Model # 844 Pose (100L)

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