LAQ Ivy for Skin Fair 2019

Try to hold the squeeeez….LAQ has made a doll inspired bento head named Ivy!  Here’s another sneak peek for Skin Fair 2019…coming up this Friday ❤

First things first…..disclaimers.  The adorable ears from Cubic Cherry will be at Skin Fair also.  The HUD gives you 5 choices of color tone, a bit limited, and I don’t see where you can mod or add tones, but honestly, 3 of the 5 tones are very pale and will work with lots of pale white tones and the darkest one looks to be a good drow shade for a fantasy look.  LAQ has 9 skin tones, so I kinda just winged it with the closest shade.  The gorgeous hair is Sintiklia (literally just bought it this morning along with Tee’fy’s top), I got the colors pack cause I assumed I’d want to wear a pink or blue shade for the shot, but honestly, I just really, really liked this one (I know right, this is in the colors pack!?) and I didn’t change it for any of the skin tone shots (sometimes it just isn’t about the hair, hardly ever, but sometimes).  Lastly, no editing on the face in the shot above…I say that cause I did clean up the knees and elbow, they tend to look redonkulous when you bend them.  On the shots below that show the tones all I did was crop and slap the name of the tone on it.  They’re up close and in your face so you can see the detail of not only the head and skin but the cute ears too. You can click on any of the shots below to blow it up to the size of your screen and get a bigger, closer look. ❤

LAQ Bento – Ivy 3.07 Head, Skin, shape, brow shape and eye applier 01 coming to Skin Fair 2019 Friday
[Cubic Cherry] {Killian} ears (pointy) coming to Skin Fair 2019
Sintiklia Hair Ariana (300L) @ FaMESHed till March 27th
Tee*fy Dorothy Top – Pink Gingham @ FaMESHed
DS’ELLES for hand Bento Pose
bonbon – sleepy star – backdrop RARE @ The Arcade

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