6DOO for Skin Fair 2019

Skin Fair 2019 opens tomorrow at Noon peeps!  My previous post has the maps so you can start making a plan.  Keep checking the shopping guide on the website for updates on LM’s, they should be popping in there soon.  In the meantime, a little preview of the freaking adorable mesh doll head from 6DOO and ears from Andore.  The head does have a hud and is somewhat mod… (the mouth does not open), and I freaking JUST saw on it that I could invisible the ears (pay no attention to the slight bit of ear you can see behind the Andore ear) sigh…

The ears have an extensive hud for the size, shading, and jewels ❤

The crazy hair is barberyumyum, I was over there a few weeks ago for Fifty Linden Friday and fell in love with it (and 2 or 10 others).  It actually has a mad black cat that fits on the top and you can wear it with or without…must’ve been a Halloween hair.  I had the cat on, but the way it was positioned (and I’m telling you it looks pissed) it looked like it was going to pounce and eat the birdie….I chose serene and left le cat off. ❤

While you’re waiting to get into the fair, go check out The Liaison Collaborative and We Love Role-Play.  The toy plane and stuffed bunny from Thor and the pose from Le Poppycock are from TLC.  The pose, Fair-Weathered Friend, comes with the flowered grass and the bird in front of me.  Le Poppycock always has the best props with her poses!  The crystal birds from Runic and the flower crown from Naminoke are both available at We Love Role-Play this month.  ❤

Look at that sweet face!

*6DOO* Doll mesh head NIPOPO-01 Coming to Skin Fair 2019 Friday (South Sim #56, check out the maps on my previous post)
:ANDORE: – :Mesh Ears: – Melkhi Coming to Skin Fair 2019 (North Sim #62)
*COCO*_Doll Body and Slip Dress
*barberyumyum*S07ghost (mix) (hair-only)
*Naminoke*small flower’s crown wht (180L) @ We Love Role-Play till March 31st
.: Runic :. Crystal Bird Blush v.1 (Shape 4) (199L) each) @ We Love Role-Play
.: Runic :. Crystal Bird Pure v.1 (Shape 1) @ We Love Role-Play
..::THOR::.. Andy’s Plane (60L per play) @ The Liaison Collaborative till March 26th
..::THOR::.. Bunny Plushie @ The Liaison Collaborative
Le Poppycock *Versions of April* Fair-Weather Friend Pose w/ bird and grass (69L per play) @ The Liaison Collaborative
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar

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