Genus Project for Skin Fair 2019

The day is here my skin lover peeps… Skin Fair 2019 has just opened to the masses.  Many will be headed straight to the Genus Project booth to scoop up their new head, Strong Face (the nose is amazing).  Genus also has 5 skin appliers at the fair.  I’m wearing May, along with the shape that came with her.  The only thing I added from the HUD was the mole…everything else is straight out the box…no sliding going on for anything…no editing either.  Hell, I took 1 shot, liked it and slapped my name on it ❤

Other than the head and skin…the freaking amazing hair from Sintiklia and adorable overalls from Blueberry really just made my job easy ❤

Okay, so here are all the tones, in alphabetical order.  You can click on them individually and have them blow up so you can see details ❤

Now look…no attention to the complexity limit of 50,000.  You will be unceremoniously kicked if you go in with wings and bling and poofers and shit.  Go naked and invisible and pick up your demos if you haven’t already.  If you know where you need to go, get on it.  Here’s the link to the website with the maps and here’s the updated shopping guide.  For instance…Genus is a sponsor of the event, is on the South Sim, #6 on the map….LM below!  Shop wisely! ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap @ Skin Fair 2019 South Sim
GENUS Skin Applier – May in Toffee tone (body appliers for Genus from theSkinnery) @ Skin Fair 2019
Sintiklia Hair Milan (388L) @ Collabor88 till April 6th
Blueberry Ivy crop top and denim overalls
Milk Motion La Trattoria alley backdrop
Manifeste – Model # 907 (100L)

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