Bunny union reps descend on Baby’s house to discuss the appropriation of the bunny culture. ❤

Darth’s had these bunnies facing off at each other (along with others from the collection) up in the kitty house for as long as I can remember…they came from an Arcade many moons ago…and they always crack me up.  I always figured I would use them for something other than just chuckles, yet here I am smiling at their arrogant, superior bunny faces. ❤

All the furniture and decor (with the exception of the two plants by Mithral) are part of the Blooming Photo Booth by K&S (you can rezz it with or without the furniture). ❤

The ridiculously adorable baby and kitty are from Black Bantam.  The baby’s at Bloom right now…the kitty was at another event that closed just the other day so it should be getting into the main store any day now…just in time for bunny season! ❤

K&S – // Blooming room // Photo Booth. Yellow @ Bloom till April 7th
Mithral * Begonia Maculata (Diamond Pot) @ Bloom
Mithral * Begonia Fibrous (Diamond Pot) @ Bloom
[Black Bantam] Bath Time Bunny Baby Peach 02 @ Bloom
[Black Bantam] Tabby Cat Bunny (was at an event, should be in the main store any day now)
MishMish – Easter Chihuahua Companion / Cream
Mutresse-Grumpy-Helpful Bunny

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