Winter is here

Truly, the most beautiful unicorn I’ve ever seen in SL!  Fable is available @ Enchantments Iron Throne round as we speak, along with a variety of Weirwood trees to pick from….pick them all ❤

So this is where I really need Darths ridiculously accurate inane facts of Game of Thrones knowledge….or a wiki….which is what I had to resort to….as I’d never seen or remember hearing anything about unicorns in the series.  I never read the books, but many have and apparently, they are eluded to…and Mr. Martin may have dropped hints that they will appear in the coming books (no doubt on the shelves of bookstores in 2058).  So I wikied and here’s what I got:

Unicorns in the world of Westeros are not like most popular depictions of the mythical creatures. According to stories told in that world, unicorns are more like shaggy goats than horses, though they do have the long horns one would expect. The stories suggest that unicorns live on the island of Skagos and that the lords of that island ride them into battle. Few know if the rumors are true. Skagos is remote, located as far north as the Wall. It swears fealty to House Stark of Winterfell, but the island has little contact with the mainland and rules itself for all intents and purposes. Skagos’ landscape is inhospitable and unforgiving to the point that even the boldest pirates do not dare to raid there.

So there you have it ❤

Teegle – Fable the Unicorn @ Enchantment till June 3rd
{WishBringer} Weirwood Tree (with the face) (199L) @ Enchantment
{RoawenWood} Weirwood Trees (350L) @ Enchantment
The Looking Glass – Chapel Ruins
[we’re CLOSED] shrub large winter

the iron throne poster

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