Who’s a good boy!?

“Who’s a good boy?  You….you’re a good boy!” (That was in my best Jon Snow accent)  I don’t care about anything else that happened last week on the final Game of Thrones show….this one scene made me ugly cry with happiness.  Even if you didn’t follow the show, you’ve no doubt heard all the hullabaloo and know that true happiness really just centered around Jon acknowledging Ghost and giving him the good boy pat he deserved.  Everything else is just peripheral now that we know these 2 went off to live happily beyond the wall (with Tormund the bestest bestie and what was left of the Wildlings). ❤

So, I’ve been working on this pic on and off all week, seriously, I have been so freaking busy RL.  It was the last week of school and I had grading and crying (mine, in happiness as the last teenager ran off campus) and cleanup and just the general close out of the school year.  Today is Day 1 of my summer break….10 glorious weeks of jammies and adult beverages at 11am (or, ya know….whenever).  This is when I know deep in my heart that I chose wisely. ❤

Anyway….I knew Sunday night that I wanted to make this picture.  Enchantment is hosting The Iron Throne so it’s a one-stop shop for all things Thrones.  The outfit from Infinity is a gacha…they also have Cersei outfit/gacha for chicks if you’re so inclined ❤

Hilted’s Wolf is a companion and happily walks alongside you.  The wolf is in beta (so you get all updates freeeee) and comes in 6 shades…one is also gray like Ghost but with blood all over him (still with 2 ears though…I’m thinking Hilted doesn’t watch the show 🙂 ) ❤

HILTED – The Wolf, Grey (225L) @ Enchantment “The Iron Throne” till June 3rd
CATWA HEAD Justin V4.11 w/default skin
VIKA – Beard
Infinity Men_ Jon Snow Cloak RARE (75L per play) @ Enchantment The Iron Throne
Infinity Men_ Breast Plate B/Black @ Enchantment The Iron Throne
NOCHE. Buck Leather Gloves (Belleza)
Bergfried Castle Gate I (250L) @ Enchantment The Iron Throne

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