I drink and I know things

As to the title…very true.  I happen to be drinking coffee at the moment and couldn’t be happier with it.  I also know that Enchantment doesn’t close its doors till the 3rd…Monday night.  I know almost everybody checks Seraphim for their pertinent event info, but in this rare case, they put the wrong closing date and it can’t be fixed…..so all we can do is spread the word.  This means there is still 4 good shopping/wandering/pic taking days till the gates of Winterfell close ❤

Doe – Maddie V1 – Indecisive RARE (the hair that falls on the left side of the picture was erased out so you could see the necklace and top better)
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap
Glam Affair – Emma applier and shape for Genus (from a previous FLF)
^^Swallow^^ Pop Pixie Ears
Aleutia – Meli shirt (225L each color, message HUD comes with all) @ Enchantment, The Iron Throne till June 3rd
ALBION ACCOLADE – Crested Collar with Pendant (200L) @ Enchantment
OLD TREASURES – Simple Goblet – Brass (199L, comes as set with tray, goblets, and pitcher) @ Enchantment
LOVE – House Banner (125L for the whole pack) @ Enchantment
No actual pose….this happened when I wore the goblet, I think its a combo of my AO and the goblet hold ❤
This shot was taken right in front of the Flea Bottom section at Enchantment (there are TP signs that will take you all over the massive set)


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