The Liaison Collaborative opened the other day and we found ourselves shipwrecked!  Truly not as bad as it seems depending on the circumstance.  If we take a page from Gilligans Island, for example,  there was an endless supply of nice clean clothes to wear and the chicks almost always had a drink in their hands… and the Captain never lost weight, so clearly there was a buffet nearby.  Nobody looked like someone off of Survivor or Naked and Afraid.  I choose the buffet storyline (fuck all that worm/grub/bug eating shit while the camera crew is 20 yards away eating McDonalds).  Choose wisely peeps….choose wisely.  ❤

Below is a closeup so you can see the details of the choker from Romizin and the glasses from Deep Static.  I swear there is no editing going on and no adjustments…the glasses fit that well with Iconic’s hair ❤

And the ridiculously adorable shoes from Eudora! ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap
Glam Affair – Emma applier and shape for Genus
.ICONIC.TALIA.HAIR (349L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till June 26th
Romazin – Melissa Choker (200L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
:: Deep Static :: Nancy Sunglasses (250L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
-FABIA- Top <Sonya> White (145L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
-FABIA- Shorts <Sonya>striped white (145L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Eudora 3D Dock Wedges (299L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Le Poppycock *Shipwreck* Slips of Light (Driftwood and pose) (69L per play) @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Odds and ends from the Le Poppycock Shipwreck collection including the other driftwood, the capsized boat, and the oar. @ The Liaison Collaborative
floorplan. bloomers sign
Pre Fabulous – Boonturabi House (quite old but still stunning…sadly no longer available that I can find)

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