Preparations and priorities

So yesterday, when many of the local weather reports were saying Tropical Storm Barry was coming closer towards me, my bestie (who lives about an hour west of me in the boonies) posted a note on FB inviting anyone who was worried about the flooding to come stay at her house.  She was throwing a party Saturday anyway for her husbands’ bday and would have lots to eat and drink.  Today the damn storm has moved a bit more westerly and is heading straight for her…so she posts that the party was moved up to today and to bring a bathing suit…all the rain from yesterday made the bayou behind her swell up and there’s a good floating current.  She had byof on there….bring your own floatie/ canoe/ pirogue, she’d supply the rope.  So yeah, there were about 20 of us sitting in flotation devices discussing prep vs. priority.  We were all tied to her dock so we wouldn’t float away and her doll of a husband kept ferrying drinks and food to us.   The sky was pretty clear and I swear, you’d never know a storm was a day away.  She has also since backed away on her invite to stay the weekend since ya know….nobody goes towards the storm …and we ate and drank every damn thing she had ❤

I included the closeup below to show how pretty this new shape from west end Shapes is!  Ary is made for a Genus head (I’m wearing Strong Face) and is available the next few days at Cosmopolitan.  The skin applier is Belleza’s Poppy for Genus…I really like the under eye creases.  I truly just cropped this shot and didn’t edit…and I took the close up on high…not ultra.  I’m not wearing a hairbase cause the newer Magika hairs don’t need them.  ❤

As always, closing dates, prices and lms are below ❤


Magika – Hair – Nina
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face
Belleza – Poppy skin applier for Genus in sunkissed tone
[west end] Shapes – Ary shape for Genus (399L) @ Cosmopolitan till July 13th
[Aleutia] Brandi Top & Bottoms (250L) @ Belle till Aug. 2nd
{WishBringer} The Dock w/ fish table, awning, cages and Coracle Boat (525L) @ We Love Role-Play till July 31st
Manifeste Model 888 Pose (100L)


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