Hair Fair 2019 is upon us!


Hair Fair 2019 is open!  Prepare to be transported to exotic Morocco when you land at one of the 3 landing points.  Surely you joined the demo group and, like myself, have been happily trying on demo’s and formulating a list!?  Not too late if you didn’t….get the demo’s and have a plan BEFORE you go…then you can focus on the shopping.  It is truly one of my favorite things to do and keeps me amused for hours on end.  If you haven’t, copy-paste the following link into open chat in Second Life to join the FREE GROUP (never pay to join any groups claiming to be part of Hair Fair) … after joining, look in the notices tab of the group and prepare to be overwhelmed (in a good way) by the sheer number of demos for you.  Also, check out the Hair Fair website for LM’s AND a shopping guide!  Then, find a nice non-laggy place to sit for a while and start opening…easy peasy ❤        secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about

So far one of my favorites is Sugar Puff from Vanity Fair.  With a shade that has nice dark roots it looks great with LAQ’s hairbase, which you can also find at the fair.  Here’s a closeup of the hairbase on the new Keiko skin for LAQ. There are 3 new hairbases at the fair from LAQ..this is #7.  I’m also wearing the newest eye color, the latest lashes and the Keiko shape with no modifications ❤

Vanity Hair and LAQ are just a couple of stores separated from each other on the Redhead sim…so yayyyy ❤

Aleutia’s cute top is at Belle right now. They’re 250L per single color, 600L for a foursome set, 1299L for a fatpack and 2399L for a full set with both fatpacks. ❤

Another great hair find was from ADE.  The textures were the first thing that caught my eye on the Lisa poster and they don’t disappoint.  Lisa comes with bangs options (which I love) but I went without because the ‘do looks good with one of the other hairbase’s from LAQ.  This top is also from Aleutia…it was a Saturday Sale a few weeks ago and is just adorable…and also named Keiko like LAQ’s skin applier.  The HUD has some adorable patterns as well as the usual solids ❤

One last point to make in this post about Hair Fair.  All designers agree to donate a portion of their proceeds to Wigs for Kids, a non-profit hair donation organization that has been serving children suffering from hair loss since 1981.  The donation amount is no lower than 15% and is up to the discretion of the designer, some do 15%, some 20 or 25…some 100%… you get the point.  There is a sign in each store that says how much that store is donating.  I’ll have the price of the hair in the details and I’ll also have the amount donated next to it.  So LAQ’s hairbases at the fair are all 100L each and 100% of ALL proceeds will go to Wigs for Kids. ❤

Vanity Hair: Sugar Puff (299L) (15% donated) @ Hair Fair 19 on the Redhead sim
ADE – Lisa (300L) (15% donated) @ Hair Fair 19 on the Noirette sim
LAQ – Noelle Bento Head
LAQ – Keiko Skin applier in 1.5 and Keiko shape – NEW!
LAQ – Hairbase 07 (100L) (100% donated!) @ Hair Fair 19 @ Hair Fair 19 on the Redhead sim
LAQ – Hairbase 05 (100L) (100% donated!) @ Hair Fair 19 @ Hair Fair 19 on the Redhead sim
LAQ – Eyes applier 12 (100L) – NEW!
LAQ – Eyelashes 11 (100L) – NEW!
[Aleutia] Teresa Lace Top @ Belle till Sept. 2nd
[Aleutia] Keiko Top
Manifeste Model 553 Pose, top pic (100L)
Manifeste Editorial 43 Pose, bottom pic (100L)

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