The premonition

What premonition?  I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but Guinevere most certainly does not love and honor King Arthur for all her days.  She may have loved him at first (doubtful), but honor flew out the window the moment she started her affair with Lancelot.  So I’m tickled because this very pretty Guinevere backdrop for Enchantment has twin banners that proclaim Love and Honor.  The affair ignited a civil war within Camelot and caused the dissolution of the Knights of the Round Table.  She did stay with Arthur until he died some years later, then went and lived the rest of her days in a convent.  Depressing…and you’re welcome. ❤

*ARGRACE* ASUKA [D] (300L) (15% donation to Wigs for Kids)@ Hair Fair 2019 on the Redhead sim till Sept. 1st
LAQ – Noelle Bento mesh head (1,500L)
LAQ – Leah skin applier in 1.0 tone, Leah shape (990L)
Snowpaws – Tintagel Crest circlet – Diamond (130L) @ Enchantment’s King Arthur till Sept. 1st
*Naminoke*Camellia bridal veil white (249L) @ Enchantment’s King Arthur
*Naminoke*Camellia lantern bouquet white (249L) @ Enchantment’s King Arthur
[Aleutia] Guinevere Gown (250L) @ Enchantment’s King Arthur
[Aleutia] Guinevere Shawl @ Enchantment’s King Arthur
~Adorably Strange Wares ~ The Guinevere Backdrop (250L) @ Enchantment’s King Arthur
Del May – The walls have ears Pose (50L)

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