LAQ’s been on a roll lately with one new skin after another…and they just get prettier!  This is Eva, whose tones run darker than usual (so make sure you try on the demo).  This is the 1.0 tone, which is usually pretty pale and you can see it is definitely not pale….kind of a light tan actually.  Tomorrow I’m going to have Eva in the palest fantasy tone LAQ offers, then I’m going darker with one of the hairs I bought at Hair Fair yesterday.  I love love love the lips with their little curve up on the ends!  Also new are the lash and eye appliers.  The lashes are loong, but you can shorten them to whatever makes you happy using the HUD.  I have them just how they come, I didn’t use any sliders or editing or fancy lighting. ❤

The gorgeous bob is from monso and can be found at FaMESHed, which just opened yesterday.  I have the bangs version on, but there is a non-bangs version if you prefer. ❤

Since I mentioned Hair Fair, yesterday it closed for another year… it was a wonderful 2 weeks.  I’m thinking my haul this year was 14 hairs… not a record…but not shabby.  Hopefully, you picked up the demos just in case you now decide there was a ‘do that you can’t live without…that way you know what store to go get it.   I always keep my demo’s in a folder for that year, you just never know.  I love that the event incorporates hair accessories, like this headpiece from Bauhaus Movement, which comes with the cute mouth berry (and also like 6 or 8 different colors).  I’ve no doubt it’s either already in Bauhaus’ mainstore now or it will be very soon! ❤

LAQ Bento – Noelle 3.06
LAQ Eva Skin applier in 1.0, Eva shape, Lashes #13, eye applier #13
[monso] My Hair – Anelu (head A/ bangs) @ FaMESHed till the end of the month
Bauhaus Movement – Emma Headpiece & berry from Hair Fair 2019 (now closed 😦 )

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