The Gypsy

All the gypsy feels mushed together today!  Heartsdale Jewellery has the Gypsy Queen set out at Swank right now. ❤

Another purchase made a week ago from Hair Fair, Bluebell from Vanity Hair……super cute right!!? ❤

Aleutia’s cute new set, Neumi, is at FaMESHed right now and is also too cute to pass up ❤

Still wearing LAQ’s Eva skin applier, but I keep changing up the tone cause she’s sooooo pretty in all of them! I’ve done the palest tone (0.2) for the CyberLogic post and the tannish tone (1.0) for the Eva Post…so here’s a darker tone (2.5) ❤

Vanity Hair: Bluebell-Browns
LAQ – Noelle Bento Head
LAQ – Eva skin applier in 2.5 tone, Eva shape, eye applier #13, Lashes # 13 ALL NEW!
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Gypsy Queen Necklace Beads coming to Swank tomorrow!
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Gypsy Queen Necklace Coins
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Gypsy Queen Earrings
[Aleutia] Neumi Top @ FaMESHed till September 27th
[Aleutia] Neumi Sleeves @ FaMESHed
[Aleutia] Neumi Skirt @ FaMESHed
Manifeste Model Pose # 918 (right arm modified to bend down)
JIAN Sunflowers :: Cluster

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