Witches Be Trippin’

The creaky gates have finally swung open and the masses have descended to indulge in the yearly rite which is Salem.  They will not be disappointed…from cute spooky to holy shit disturbing (there’s a pose set that I just would not be comfortable with…butchery wise) there is something for everyone this Halloween season.  The outfits run the gamut too, hoho to casual freakish to uber classy gowns Morticia would wear.  For example…I looooove this no sleeve turtleneck and bolero from Tori Torricelli.  They’re sold separately and come in a plethora of colors and designs.  You can look classy with a more serious solid shade or design for the turtleneck…I chose to go with fun, cause anyone walking around with a huge purple stripe in their hair can’t be all serious…and the little witch on the shirt has a purple stripe on her hat.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The hat comes with the hair (but you can wear the hair alone if you like after the season) from Limerance but beware…the 2nd color strand is only available with the fatpack.  The heart just made me happy…gruesome and fun at the same time with the flowers sprouting out.  The nails are all different, you can see them better in the closeup below.  I don’t normally wear separate nails, but I like how these look all stabby 💀

Also, gotta say, pretty fond of the blood…and of course now that I am done and look at it…I wish I would have grabbed some bloody hand appliers (I know I have some in the recesses of my inventory)…too late!  The blood dripping from the mouth is a LAQ applier that you can pick up in the store (all the way in the back right corner).  The rest of the blood on the face (and the eyes btw) are Izzie’s.  Both appliers have more/less options … I think I went with a medium look. 💀

The face itself is new at LAQ, Kenzie, and is now out at UBER.  I have a cleaner, bloodless pic coming up next to show it off 💀

By the way…on of the best part’s of Salem is the Gallows…..gacha’s all around the central tree where you rezz in….fun! 💀

LAQ – Noelle Bento Mesh Head (1,500L)
LAQ – Kenzie skin applier in 2.0 tone, Kenzie shape (990L) @ UBER till Oct. 22nd
LAQ – Blood Applier (on lips and chin) (190L)
Izzie’s – Face blood and wounds (199L)
Izzie’s – Demon Mesh Eyes (249L)
{Limerence} Kendra hair with hat (290L) @ Salem till Oct. 31st
TORI TORRICELLI // Ophelia Turtleneck (249L) @ Salem
TORI TORRICELLI // Minerva Bolero Jacket (249L) @ Salem
MICHAN – Your Heart [with pose] left arm modified (199L) @ Salem
Ascendant – Pagan Nails 01 (175L)@ Salem

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