What to do…what to doooo

On the to-do list:

  1. Change bloody clothes
  2. Take a shower
  3. Spray down bathroom with bleach
  4. Wash bloody clothing with bleach
  5. Burn bleached clothing
  6. Bury burnt bleached clothing with compost
  7. Clean axe with bleach, put in Goodwill box with other crap and go drop off 3 towns away
  8. Call bestie to enlist help
  9. Bury dead body with more compost deep under the rose bushes
  10. Finish off the good wine with the bestie
  11. Watch more CSI
  12. Destroy to-do list
  13. Make new to-do list…1st thing: buy more bleach and wine

(on second thought….maybe call the bestie first)

LAQ Bento – Poppy 3.05 Head
LAQ Elvira skin applier in 1.0 tone, Elvira shape @ Anthem till Oct. 30th
LAQ Eye applier # 17 and EyeFX 02 @ Anthem
LAQ Bloody face applier
Izzie’s Bloody face and body appliers
Foxy – Maeve. Hair w/hat (HUD to choose with/without hat and hat design) @ Salem till Oct. 31st
[Aleutia] Faith Sweater BLOODY w/ Materials @ Salem
[Aleutia] Faith Denim Shorts BLOODY w/ Materials @ Salem
Del May – What to do Pose (50L)(modified with Maitreya hand pose, pointy finger)

Salem poster

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