Ever wonder what Ursula looked like in her younger days….before she ate all those poor unfortunate souls? šŸ’€

The outfit says it all….clearly Ursula was a hottie with questionable taste in head gear…but hey…who are we to judge (someone who doesn’t go around with maybe not quite dead heads on top ours…that’s who).Ā  Why call attention away from such a pretty face…LAQ’s Blair face…..which happens to be a group gift!Ā  And the bony necklace?Ā  This past Saturday Sale find @ Salt & Pepper šŸ’€

Boudoir – Tentacle Hair (comes with Ursula outfit)
Boudoir – Ursula Outfit
LAQ Noelle Head
LAQ Blair skin applier (only comes in pale, which matches up to the 0.2 tone)
LAQ eye applier # 11
Salt & Pepper necklace Lisha
Del May – Did I oversleep pose (50L)

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