Winter Solitude

Welp…I’m new to the BOM game…but I’m here to stay.  Took me a hot minute, but I finally downloaded the newest viewer, popped on my LAQ BOM relay and started playing.  It was a little scary at first, not gonna lie.  I figured I probably couldn’t break anything….and if I did…well, I just wasn’t going to wear that head ever again.  So a year or so from now we’ll all be sitting around saying “OMGAHHHHHH…remember before BOM!!??”  You know you say this very same thing about the pre-mesh and pre-bento era (don’t even get me started on pre-flexi, cause I AM that old). ❤

So if you haven’t taken the leap….go for it, it won’t hurt.  LAQ makes it easy squeezie for their heads.  All the new skins are coming BOM ready and you just need to pop over to the store, hang left and on the wall by the newest skin appliers you’ll see the relay.  It’s free.  It’s easy. It makes you look smart and cutting edge.  ❤

[monso] My Hair – Xena (245L) @ FaMESHed till Dec. 27th
*Naminoke*Smilax china head dress red coming to We Love Role-Play  Wed., 12-4
*Naninoke*lease 2019 red coming to We Love Role-Play (50L item)
LAQ Bento – Poppy 3.05 (1,500L)
LAQ Whitney Skin applier in 0.5 tone, Whitney shape (990L) using LAQ Bakes On Mesh relay
Belle Epoque – Gunhild – White coming to We Love Role-Play
Alchemy – Dire Protector – Snow
Little Branch_Conifier.v1{Winter}
Pose is just regular stand, when you wear the fur wrap you have to make your arms and hands invisible

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