Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts – Winnie the Pooh

Over the past few months, I’ve been scaling back my land….actually to almost half of what it was before.  I kept a decent amount of the water/beach section and was so lucky to have a friend read my post about shedding some of the much-loved bulk and she came and bought the piece I cut away right next to me.  I LURVE you M.J.!  I kept much of Darth’s dock landscape as well as Jarath’s homeless area and I’m slowly rebuilding the rest while trying to channel some of Darth’s vision (I haven’t blown anything up yet (keyword – yet), but I am planning on scattering some gruesome body parts in a cool build that M.J. gave me).  It is, as always, a work in progress but I invite anyone to come have a look-see just for fun or a pic.  I took the one above on the beach (Skye beach) right next to Apple Falls Manufactory and in front of the dock.  Luane’s World Poses has this awesome driftwood prop with built-in poses over at The Liaison Collaborative that fit in perfectly!  Sanctuary by the Sea is noticeably smaller than our previous endeavor and it’s on mainland…so you know….crazy shit all around…but it’s home ❤

LAQ – Noelle Bento Head
LAQ – Ellie skin in 1.0 tone, Ellie Shape
LAQ – Real Bubblegum with animation
Sintiklia Stella Hair
Blueberry – Dynamite – Jackets with Pockets
Blueberry – Dynamite – Leggings – FP EXCLUSIVE VELVET
Eudora3D Rusty Boots (599L) @ UBER till Jan. 22nd
JIAN Snow Leopard Cub (Companion/Clothed)
:LW: Bento Poses – Lost Driftwood prop with poses. 1 (69L each pose, 399L for the pack of 5) @ The Liaison Collaborative till Jan. 26th

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