LeLUTKA and RAONHAUSEN for Skin Fair 2020

Life is about kicking ass….not kissing it ❤

As we speak, I am on Day 3 of my states (La.) mandatory Coronacation for public schools.  No classes till April 13th….which given the gravity of a nasty situation…means I will not be doing the happy dance publicly…hell, I won’t be doing much of anything publicly.  I AM redonkulously tickled that I do not have to get up at the crack of dawn and put shoes on though….and I can sit and sip coffee and contemplate life and, I dunno, paint my damn toenails at 8am if I damn well want to.  I do have a multitude of kidlets from 3 -17, mine and a few others that I offered to watch for the duration…so it would be a mani/pedi party…with massive amounts of cheetos (no toilet paper, but gargantuan amounts of cheetos Wal-Mart!?!?)  Bring it on…I’ve been needing a new normal anyway ❤

Today’s preview for Skin Fair is a twofer…..LeLUTKA’s new Evolution head, Lake, and RAUNHAUSEN’s BoM skin Esther in the Coconut tone. ❤

RAUNHAUSEN”S Esther skin is sooo very pretty with the smattering of freckles, moles and kick-ass cheek contouring.  This is the BoM skin straight up….no  other makeup, and the shape is for Esther (along with brow shape), I have not touched any of this in any way…. so this is what the Coconut tone will look like on the Lake head with the Esther shape and brows…..on med-high graphics, no face lights and annan adored optimal avatar windlight. I did lighten up the background in post-processing, but not the face. ❤

I have to tell you, I kinda felt like a BoM idiot when I popped on Lake.  I didn’t realize the implications of a BoM ready head….so I couldn’t figure out why my head was invisible and why I had 2 eyeballs in each socket.  I’m a chick….know how I can prove it?  I opened the note card and website for LeLUTKA and read the instructions!  After a bit of play with the alpha masks, I was good to go.  Truly, I find the whole BoM thing is just a matter of having some time to fuck things up before they go right (and always make copies before the fuck ups begin!).  The new HUD is pretty user-friendly…and even when I was confuzled….yep….back to the user manual on the website.  Anyway, loving the new Lake head.  If you don’t get a skin right away, there’s a default skin in different shades on the Lake head along with brows and a default shape….look below (and shut up….I see the black neck, I don’t know why it’s there, I’m working on it!) ❤

Now for the other stuffs!  The Ale hair by monso is out at Kustom9 right now….I like the “fuck you, I woke up like this” look to it.  The choker is an oldie but goodie from Mandala.  The e.marie earrings were out for Saturday Sale (so yayyyy, 75L) this past weekend (and actually….they are still out for that much….hurrrrry!) as was the cool Tres Blah bib tank. ❤


Pale Girl Productions website                   Skin Fair 2020 Shopping Guide                       Skin Fair Maps and LM’s

[monso] My Hair – Ale @ Kustom9 till April 10th
LeLUTKA – Lake Head 1.1 (BoM ready!) @ Skin Fair 2020 on the South Sim
RAONHAUSEN – Esther BoM in Coconut for LeLutka, Esther shape and brows @ Skin Fair 2020 on the North Sim
e.marie// Dana Earrings
Tres Blah– Bib Tank Top – Chic
Manifest Model 921 pose (100L)

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